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Business Name Generator

Free Business Name Generators!

Ok, you need to think of a cool business name, but have no idea where to start. Get some basic ideas of names and industries out there. But you need to be smart about this decision. It could make or break you from the very start!

Simply put, the best things you can do to start your business name profiling is to:

1: Keep it KEWL: Make it cool and catchy. See what it looks like written down on a piece of paper, up on the wall, with crazy graffiti artist typing – whatever it takes, make it catchy!

2: Word of mouth: interview your friends and tell them your name and say – What do you think I sell if my name was “….”. See if the answer is what you want and get them to suggest something better!

3: Post it on Facebook (or other peer communication tool): Ask others out there what to call your business. Tell them the products you sell or the services you provide and tell them if you get the best name or the name you finally use, they will win a free service, $50 or something that’s not just a 10er.

4: Free business name generators – Increase your interest. The better your name, the easier it will be remembered. The easier it will be remembered, the more business you’ll get. Remember… COOLER the name = MORE business. Be creative!

Free Business Name Generators
Free Business Name Generators
Secure IP
Web Gecko can help you secure your IP Address so that your surfing habits are private. By using our VPN services you can secure your surfing habits. VPN is a Virtual Private Network that keeps you safe and secure online by encrypting your web traffic. Generally VPNs are used by large organisations to protect their sensitive data but now it's available for all. 4 Reasons to Secure IP:
  • connect securely to a remote network via the Internet
  • share servers and other networked resources
  • VPN encrypts your Internet traffic to secure your network and passwords
  • unlock geoblocked content by connecting to different countries